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Sometimes, It’s Hard to Look Macho

PutinBush.jpgWith the G20 meeting going on, I find it suitable to resurrect this precious photo from a previous gathering of world leaders. It always cracks me up. This was from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum which met in Hanoi in 2006. They take a group photo, and everyone wears attire from the host country. So here we have two macho men, leaders of very powerful countries, trying real hard to cling to any semblance of manhood. The Vietnamese obviously have a sense of humor.

Obama_Lederhosen200.jpgI think the G20 needs a similar tradition. I would like to see them meet in Switzerland or Austria, so that for the group photo, everyone could don lederhosen. I think that would be great. And…isn’t Photoshop a wonderful thing?

They’re actually meeting in England. I don’t know what that means in terms of attire. Will they all insert Austin Power-style teeth? A red jacket? A white barrister wig? Maybe go for the Amy Winehouse look?

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