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Be Prepared to Groan

Suggested names for the Swine Flu outbreak:

  • Hamdemic
  • The Aporkalypse
  • Hammageddon
  • Epigdemic
  • Hamerican Flu
  • A Virus of Epig Proporktions
And some good advice:
  • Take porkautions
  • Sty at home
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The World is Upside Down

A Pew poll shows that: 

  • 62% of white evangelicals believe torture can sometimes or often be justified. That is the highest of any religious group in the survey. The number is 40% for people unaffiliated with a religious group. 47% of white evangelicals said torture can rarely or never be justified, so that’s something to celebrate.
  • People who attend church at least once a week are far more likely to justify torture (54%) than people who who seldom or never attend (42%). What’s with that? 

Which group do you think Jesus would vote with? 

Are the teachings of Jesus just not sinking in? 

Imagine how out of sync I must be with the white evangelical denomination I work for.

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