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Long Before Ted Cruz, Giants Walked Among Us



I identified as Republican most of my life. However, the Tea Party base now rules the day, and moderates like me are persona non grata. Of late, even John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Tom Coburn are being blasted as not pure enough.

I think of all the remarkable Republicans I’ve admired, or at least respected, over the years. Some were true giants.

Howard Baker.
Mark Hatfield,.
Richard Lugar.
John Danforth.
Orrin Hatch.
Alan Simpson.
Lamar Alexander.
Bob Dole.
Elizabeth Dole.
Ben Nighthorse Campbell.
Ronald Reagan.
John Ashcroft.
James Baker.
Rudy Guiliani.
Nancy Kassebaum.
William Cohen.
Warren Rudman.
Pete Wilson.
Dan Quayle.
Nelson Rockefeller.
George HW Bush.
Colin Powell.
Barry Goldwater.
Arlen Specter.
Phil Gramm.
Gerald Ford.
Richard Shelby.
Olympia Snowe.
Jack Kemp.
Kay Bailey Hutchison.
John Connolly.
George Romney.
Dwight Eisenhower….

I miss those folks.

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Scratching, Spitting, and the Designated Hitter

A friend, a student of baseball, tried to explain to me the difference between the American League and the National League. This, as I told him, is beyond my threshold of caring. However I think I now understand the difference.

The American League players scratch their behinds, and the National League players scratch…the other side. This is a time-honored tradition, and baseball is all about time-honoring. And spitting, of course. My friend also said something about a silly rule called “designated hitter,” which he considered central to the differences between the leagues, but I lost interest.

I’m sure there are many other distinctions between the leagues, such as preferred chewing tobacco and nuanced bat-tapping-on-cleats rituals. But at my advanced stage of life, when it comes to baseball, scratching and itching is as much interest as I can muster.

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Healthcare Website: Not Ready for Prime Time


They goofed big-time with the sign-up process at I went through the registration process twice last night, yet still couldn’t log in. I tried both accounts this morning, and still no luck. Says my username or password are wrong, and I KNOW they aren’t. So I created a third account this morning…same thing. I’m rapidly approaching the definition of insanity.

These are not fatal flaws–just technical glitches that can be fixed. But it’s a PR fiasco in getting Obamacare started. I’m sure millions of users are frustrated. And the wait times are unacceptable. Makes me seriously wonder, considering the virulence of the opposition, if some high-tech sabotage is occurring.

My interest is only curiosity. The exchanges are for the minority of people who either don’t have insurance or who buy insurance on their own. Most of us get insurance through our work, and it’s generally better insurance than the exchanges offer. But I did want to compare costs, out of curiosity, and so far I’ve not been able to get that far.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of time. Obamacare coverage doesn’t start until January 1, and people can sign up through March. Hopefully they’ll fix the site to allow for the traffic, which should have been expected and is totally capable of being handled.

Having said that–I’ve been using the website for several weeks to do research. It’s well designed, very user friendly, easy to navigate, and clearly written. The sign-up screens are very user-friendly. I’m quite impressed overall. I experienced no problems until October 1, when the sign-up began. They just have some major functionality and bandwidth issues with the enrollment process.

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Washington Weakness


Several days ago on Morning Joe, Jim VandeHei of Politico made an interesting observation which has stayed with me. He mentioned two dynamics which contribute to our problems in Washington.

First, all of our leaders are weak.

  • President Obama is weak.
  • John Boehner is terribly weak as Speaker, always looking over his shoulder.
  • Nancy Pelosi was a fairly strong Speaker, but now has little influence.
  • In the Senate, Harry Reid radiates wimpishness,.
  • Minority leader Mitch McConnell is running scared of being primaried.

So there are no strong leaders, only weak persons in positions of leadership.

Second, all of these persons dislike each other.

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Slow-down Amidst the Shutdown

The anti-Obamacare folks are having a party pointing out problems with the website. And they have a point. Never in the history of the internet has excessive traffic caused a brand new website, on its first day, to slow down or crash.

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