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A Hefty Planet

Analyzing data from GPS satellites, scientists say the Earth may be heavier than previously thought. Which raises several questions for me:

  • You mean, somebody actually weighed the earth? How accurate can that be?
  • Does the Earth need to go on a diet? How heavy is too heavy? Would Jupiter be considered obese?
  • In light of the Earth’s additional weight, is there anything about my everyday life that I should change? Like pouring extra soda onto the ground?
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My Alma Mater Makes ESPN’s Top Plays of 2013

ESPN’s SportsCenter compiled its Top Ten Plays of 2013. Huntington University, my alma mater, made the list. Ranking #6 was Shane Merryman’s three-quarter-court buzzer beater against Marian College on November 27.

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The Cross in the Netherworld


I recently read, “The Day I Was Crucified,” by Gene Edwards. Frankly, it’s not a very good book. BUT, early on, Edwards raised an idea I’d never thought of.

Did Christ’s death atone not only for the sins of mankind, but for sins in the supernatural realm? Like, with Lucifer and other angels who rebelled against God? I doubt you can build a biblical case for it, or against it. It’s just an interesting concept. The total context for Christ’s death went way beyond Planet Earth, but we don’t normally think of it that way.

Is a blood sacrifice necessary for forgiveness of sins committed by Satan and his minions? I’m not aware of any counterpart to bulls, sheep, and goats in the supernatural realm. Can they sacrifice a unicorn?

As with mankind, this would be a continuing offer of reconciliation, rather than a one-time deal. Can a fallen angel “accept Christ as Savior”? Do fallen angels come to God seeking reconciliation? Or are they condemned forever for their rebellion, with no possibility of redemption?

Like I said, I’d never thought of anything like this. Just something to muse idly upon and go, “Hmmmmm.”

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Terrorists in a Haystack

I’ve ranted before about how we’ve gone overboard with hyper-security, one prime example being the TSA. An excellent article on ¬† talks about this.

Referring to the TSA’s tactics at airports, “The very few terrorists that exist are like needles in a haystack. But the TSA’s approach is to check every single piece of hay, in case it might actually be a needle.” Well said.

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