25th HU College Reunion

Last weekend, I was reunited with about 20 of my Huntington College classmates, as the Class of ’79 got together for our 25th year reunion at Homecoming. Some of them I didn’t know all that well while in college, but others were some of my closest friends. Like Brad Carpenter and Steve Barber, who roomed next to me my freshman year. I hadn’t seen Brad in probably 15 years, since he moved to Texas. It was great seeing him again.

Then there’s Phil McGarvey, with whom I played four years of tennis. Hadn’t seen him since 1980. I could whoop him in tennis, but he had the upper hand in ping pong.

Then were were Ted and Linda Doolittle, Cheryl Lamport, Chris Brown, Dan and Annette Shepherdson, Dan Lance, Cheryl Poling, and others. Loved seeing them all.

I have absolutely no desire to go back for a high school reunion. There is nobody at Tulare Union High School (Tulare, Calif.) that I would care to see again. But my college friends–yes, they last forever.

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