A Final Good-Bye to Stan Peters

stan-petersThis morning I attended the funeral of Stan Peters, who served nearly 25 years at the United Brethren national office overseeing the various publications. In 1978, Stan hired me as his assistant editor. I was just completing my junior year at Huntington College. Stan was very good to me.

But even before that, Stan had a big impact on my life. I was in early elementary school, and Dad worked at Huntington College. We attended College Park UB church, which has always been loaded with leadership-caliber people. Dad yearned to be used, to be put to work in the local church ministry, but nothing he wasn’t needed. He was deeply frustrated.

Dad said the next Sunday he planned to begin attending a small Baptist church in town. But during the week, Stan Peters, as part of the church’s nominating committee, invited Dad to teach a Sunday school class. And so, we remained United Brethren (and not Baptist!).

About 15 years later, Stan hired me to work in this office. And I’ve been here for 36 years.

Stan was always very gracious to me, and though I was impossibly immature coming right out of college, he treated me very well. The first time I was ever reprimanded for something job-related, it was Stan who did the honors, calling me into his office and correcting me (I totally deserved it). He was firm, made his point, but was very kind about it. That, folks, is the way to do it.

Stan was just a good, good man. He was one of those guys whose faith was unshakeable, for whom core beliefs are not up for negotiation (as is so common today). As a person who questions everything, I value these guys who know, with certainty, what they believe. They have walked with Jesus so long, and seen Him work in their lives so many times, that there can be no thought of living apart from Christ. These guys are anchors for me.

So thanks, Stan, for your influence on me in so many ways.

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