Anchor: Cleaning Up Our Neighborhood




Yesterday (May 15), 17 people from Anchor helped clean out the alley behind our church. It was part of the city-wide Great America Cleanup.

We kept two pickups going up and down the alley, one being my Dodge Dakota. Once filled with stuff–mostly leaves and branches–we drove to the church and dumped it all in the church parking lot. The city will come by and pick it up…eventually. Maybe. If they get around to it.

Since I had knee surgery last week, I just drove the truck. None of the grueling work. Didn’t want to push it (though I did anyway, mostly in unloading the truck, and iced my knee once I got home).

Everyone else worked real hard. It was a fun time. We started at 8:30, and by 11:00 had gone the entire length of the alley. The place looks great.

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