Ann Kiemel Stricken with Cancer

Ann Kiemel Anderson in September 2013 (with birthday cake).

Ann Kiemel Anderson in September 2013 (with birthday cake).

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. No post has received more comments than a post in 2006 titled “Ann Kiemel, Wherefore Hast Thou Been?” It has thus far received 85 comments.

I just received this update from a reader, reporting that Ann Kiemel is dying of cancer.

“Last year, Ann had surgery to correct bones in her foot that were not fusing. A very painful recovery ensued and she had to take prescription painkillers. Some of you may know from her last book, “Seduced by Success,” that she became addicted to these drugs years ago after suffering multiple miscarriages. She went through rehab then and has remained drug-free until the foot surgery.

“Around the first of February 2014, she went back to rehab to detox from the drugs. She stopped updating her website about this time but a friend took it over for her. Ann was in so much pain that the doctor knew something else was wrong. A scan revealed blood clots in her lungs. She was sent home with blood thinning medication, but the pain continued.

“MRI and PET scans revealed an aggressive, metastasized cancer throughout her body. Jan (her twin sister who has cancer herself) is at her side. More updates will be posted to Caringbridge and Facebook. This is so, so sad. How could the cancer have gone unnoticed for so long? Please be in prayer for Ann’s family.”

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5 Comments to Ann Kiemel Stricken with Cancer

  1. kathy

    it is a shock to learn this about this sweet spirited woman of God. some cancers do go unnoticed- there are no symptoms until it is too late. liver and lung are amongst them.

    does anyone know how Ann’s emotional/spiritual state is? what about her boys?

  2. Jeri

    Ann Kiemel passed away this morning. So very shocking to me. She was in pain, and that is why they did the PET scan, which revealed the cancer. I believe it started in her liver and then metastasized, although, I could be wrong.
    Her spiritual state was good. She was close with her boys. She has at least one grandson.
    I so hurt for her boys to have both parents gone.
    I found out this information on her Facebook page as well as Caring Bridge.

    • Kathy Bocian

      I love you Ann . You have forever touched my life . I felt like you were my sister and friend although to never met you . I read your books and blog . Rest in Jesus and I will see you when I get to heaven . Praying for the boys .

  3. Beth Stone

    It is 12:18 A.M. as I write this. I just learned from the Internet that Ann passrd away in March of 2014. I am still have a lump in my throat and I am speechless. Not long after I had sold out to Jesus, I “happened” upon one of Ann’s book, “I am out to change my World”. It was so simple but it ruined me for the ordinary and it made history in my life.
    I consumed every book of hers and every tape I could get my hands on. She birth the God of the IMPOSSIBLE in me. She was contagious and I knew if she and God could do that, He and I could as well.
    Ann in her simple, ordinary way challenged me to know God more intimately and to love more freely… What a grand, glories adventure it has been!! I was forever changed!!!!

    Thank you Ann.
    Thank you Father.

    Beth Stone
    Georgetown, Ky

  4. Therése Conradie, Namibia

    Many years ago my husband brought me her little book, “Hi, I’m Ann”. Without her ever knowing she had become my mentor, always inspiring me to believe in the giant of a God inside of me and to love and share Christ freely. I still love to read to others from her books to this day.

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