Are Electronic Readers Hurting TV Viewership?

An interesting study from internet service shows that most iPad reading occurs 7-11 pm. We can probably assume that the same is true of persons with the other electronic readers, which ReadItLater couldn’t track–the Nook, Kobo, and dozens of others.

This reading is occurring during Prime Time TV. Are people replacing TV with actual reading? Tell me it’s not true!

CNN reported on this. The article noted that people may be multitasking–reading on their iPad with the TV on. CNN wrote, “It’s something of a return to a traditional leisure hour image: People settling down on the couch after the evening meal to read the paper or a book, possibly to listen to the radio at the same time.”

I find myself doing the same thing with my Nook–the TV is on, and I’m aware of what’s showing, but I’m also reading. And reading takes a lot more concentration, so the TV becomes background stuff. Sometimes, God forbid, I even turn the TV off completely!

The article points out that TV execs won’t like this, because they want your full attention. They don’t want you burying your head in a book, newspaper, or iPad during commercials.

But I think it’s great. Anything that encourages more reading.

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