At the Gun and Knife Show



Went to the Fort Wayne Gun & Knife Show this morning. I don’t have any guns. I go for the knives. Specifically, bayonets. I always come back with a bayonet. Today it was a Argentine Model 1909 bayonet, in great condition.

Someone was selling lots of bumper stickers today, nearly all attacking Barack Obama in some way. The photo above shows some of them. There were eight more displays of bumper stickers. It can make a guy like me very paranoid. If I went in wearing an Obama cap, they’d probably take me out back and tar-and-feather me. And that would be getting off easy.

You won’t find many Democrats at these shows. These are real Americans, hardy hunters who love their pickups. They’re also the kind of people who get righteously indignant about illegal immigrants. Don’t like them Mexicans coming across the border and taking jobs from good ol’ boys.

And yet, where do the Mexican drug lords come to buy guns? To these guns shows. The Mexican government, being unenlightened, restricts the purchase of assault weapons. A hard-working cartel assassin just can’t find a decent sniper rifle in his own country. So, he has to come north of the border, buy guns from the US, and then go back home to more effectively assassinate policemen and kidnap members of the general populace.

So sure, we’ll sell you all the guns you want, so you can wreck your country and force the people to live in fear for their lives. We’ll even buy all the cocaine and pot you have to offer, so you’ll have money to buy more guns. But please, when you’re looking for a place to raise your family in peace and with hope for the future, don’t come to the US. We want your drugs and your gun-money, but we don’t want you.

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