Atheist for a Day

Thanks to Evan McBroom for pointing me to this incredible post by a Christian named Aaron Gardner. Aaron stealthily joined a group of atheists who were touring the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kent. He wrote about how they were treated by the Christians running the museum in “Scarlet ‘A’ for a Day.”

You might call it “religious profiling.” We leap to conclusions about people based on how they identify themselves religiously, whether atheist, Islamic, Mormon, Catholic, Southern Baptist, or Pentecostal. I do it.

Anyway, read Aaron’s post. And then read the comments, which go on for many pages. A number of atheists joined in the discussion. The number of atheists and agnostics is rising sharply. Why? What are their motives? If you seek understanding, then this is a very illuminating thread.

Seriously, read the comments.

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