Best Worship Song Ever…or Not

This is described on Youtube as the Best Worship Band Ever. A bit of facetiousness there. I can’t imagine trying this as Anchor, my church. We would get laughed right off the stage.

I’m sure this probably appealed greatly to that particular audience, wherever they are. But most places…not so much.

The comments on Youtube are hysterical. I hereby give you a selection of them:

  • Is this just the whitest thing on youtube, or is it possibly the whitest thing in the world?
  • My mind needs renewing after watching this video…that is all.
  • Somehow even the synth is out of key.
  • Who are these people? and why are they not famous! Like seriously!!!
  • Why do I feel like the guy in the middle would talk to me about 80’s pop bands before violently murdering me with an axe?
  • Anyone else thinking American Psycho?
  • Why does this remind me of that old SNL skit with the music teacher couple?
  • what a sweet young man and his wives.
  • This is….words fail me.
  • That’s like watching a train wreck.
  • Eat your heart out Usher, you’ll never have these kind of moves.
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