Blockbuster, I Really Really Loathe You.

Pam and I returned to Blockbuster for the first time since 2002. That’s how long we’ve been doing Netflix. We needed to rent a Playstation game for Cameron, my nephew. Can’t get those with Netflix.

Cameron: I stood in line for 30 minutes! Just to rent a game. Do you appreciate your uncle, or what?

The experience reaffirmed my membership in–and now, I realize, unbridled devotion to–Netflix. For less than $20 a month, we get 3 videos at a time, with a two-day turnaround, which means we could probably watch 30 videos a month, if we really tried. Plus, we can stream scores of other videos directly to our TV or computer.

The experience today reminded me of the insanity that is Blockbuster:

  • Drive to the store, several miles away.
  • Search for a parking spot in the terribly inadequate lot.
  • Browse the shelves, trying to decide what to rent.
  • The number of videos available is a tiny fraction of what you can get on Netflix.
  • You end up selecting something that’s available, whether or not it’s what you really wanted.
  • Stand in line for eons.
  • High rental cost.
  • Drive back to the store to return the videos within 5 days.
  • Late fees (no late fees with Netflix).

Considering the convenience of Netflix, how does Blockbuster even stay in business?

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1 Comment to "Blockbuster, I Really Really Loathe You."

  1. Rick Dennie

    Cameron says, “Thanks for thinking of me.”
    As for how Blockbuster stays in business? They’re not. 2 or 3 stores in the South Bend area are already in the process of closing.

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