2017 Books Read

  1. ****Red Rising (Pierce Brown, 2014). Darrow is a Red, the lowest caste. He hooks up with some rebels, who get him entered in what turns out to be somewhat of a Hunger Games thing, but on a much grander scale. Brown does a great job creating a very compelling world with different castes (all using a color) and intricate dynamics. And the writing is very good. 1/12
  2. ***The Day after Never: Blood Honor (Russell Blake, 2015). A post-apocalyptic novel set in Texas and New Mexico, five years after a global plague. Lucas Shaw, a former Texas Ranger, rescues a wounded woman in the desert. Turns out she’s wanted by a gang that rules much of Texas. Lots of violence. A well-down first book of a series. 1/13
  3. ****Cross Justice (James Patterson, 2015). The latest Alex Cross novel takes Alex back to his childhood roots. Very well done. 1/16
  4. ****One Fearful Yellow Eye (John MacDonald, 1966). Travis McGee goes to Chicago help Gloria, a woman he salvaged in an earlier book, with a family issue. Her husband died, and his entire estate is pretty much gone, over $600,000. Unexpected ending. 1/22
  5. ***The Girl from Fort Wicked (Dee Brown, 2012). A US Cavalry captain chases the Indians and white guy who killed his fiance and stole an Army payroll. There’s a girl, whom he leaves at the settlement called Fort Wicked. An interesting read. 1/24
  6. ****Forty Guns West (William Johnstone, 1993). The book starts in Ohio, where Preacher is with his family. He has to kill a guy, teams up with a young boy, and heads back to the West–with a bunch of bounty hunters after him. The book mostly takes place in the Rockies, with Preacher wreaking havoc on scores of men chasing him. 1/27
  7. ***How to Move to Canada (Andre Du Broc, 2016). A light-hearted but mostly factual explanation of how to move from the United States to Canada. 2/1
  8. ***Canyon (Tom Abrahams, 2016). The second book in the Traveler trilogy. Wasn’t as good as the first one, but good enough for me to move right on to the third book. 2/1
  9. ***Wall (Tom Abrahams, 2016). The third book in the Traveler trilogy. The Dwellers duke it out with the Cartel. 2/5
  10. ***Kill Switch (Steve N. Lee, 2015). Tess, a highly trained assassin, becomes involved in finding a young woman who is kidnapped by human traffickers. Takes place in Poland. 2/11
  11. **Trailblazers in Sierra Leone, Volume 2 (George Fleming, 1972). The history of United Brethren ministry in Sierra Leone, 1920-1972. 2/11
  12. **History of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ (Henry Spayth/Wm Hanby). A history up through 1851. 2/18
  13. ***Son of Stone (Stuart Woods, 2011). Not much action. Mainly a character-development piece as Woods introduces Peter, the 17-year-old son of Stone Barrington. 2/22
  14. ***History of Sherbro Mission (William McKee). The history of United Brethren mission work in Sierra Leone. The best such history I’ve read. 2/22
  15. ****Devil Red (Joe Lansdale, 2011). Hap and Leonard look into a double homicide, and it leads them to a bunch of other murders. Vanilla Ride is involved in this story. 3/14
  16. *The Pharmacist’s Mate (Amy Fusselman, 2001). A strange book–a woman in the present trying to conceive a child, and the diary of her ship-board father. 3/21
  17. ****Unflinching (Stuart Yates, 2015). Simms is a Pinkerton, assigned to find the kidnapped daughter of an Army general. The culprits are Mason and Newhart, two very very bad dudes. Indians and Mormons are involved. Quite a good book, and the start of a series. 4/7
  18. ****Live Right and Find Happiness (Dave Barry, 2015). Yet another funny collection of columns. 4/10
  19. ****Philip William Otterbein (Paul Milhouse, 1928). An excellent little biography. the author traveled to Germany to do new research. 4/14
  20. ***History of the United Brethren in Christ, Vol. 2 (John Lawrence, 1961). An excellent history of the UB church from about 1815-1861. 4/16
  21. **The Autobiography of Samuel Huber (Samuel Huber). One of the early UB ministers. 4/24
  22. ***Marine: the Life of Chesty Puller (Burke Davis, 2016). A biography of the legendary Marine. 4/24
  23. ***Hammer of God (Philip McCormac, 2016). An Old West lawman becomes a priest, and gets drawn back into his gunfighting life. 5/3
  24. ***Lillith’s Brood (Octavia Butler, 2012). The first part of a sci-fi trilogy involving aliens who rescued some¬†survivors of a nuclear exchange on earth, and have plans to restock earth. Very interesting, but not sure I’ll continue with the next two books. 5/12
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