2018 Books Read

  1. ***Find a Victim (Ross MacDonald). Lew Archer is driving to Sacramento when, north of Bakersfield, he comes across a man who is shot. He ends up sticking around in the area to figure out what was going on. 1/3
  2. ***Hunter/Prey (Sam Sisavath). The first Allie Krycek novel, in which ten years of searching for her sister’s killer come to a conclusion. 1/3
  3. ***Finders/Keepers (Sam Sisavath). The third Allie Krycek novel. All three were very good and quick reads. 1/5
  4. *East of West (Jonathan Hickman, 2015). An incomprehensible graphic novel. I’m not even to attempt to tell what it’s about. 1/8
  5. ***Battle Lines (Arthur Bradley). The 5th Survivalist book. 1/9
  6. ***Finest Hour (Arthur Bradley). The 6th Survivalist book. Both Mason and Tanner, having finally met up, leave on separate missions to stop President Pike. 1/10
  7. ****End Game (David Baldacci, 2017). The 5th Will Robie/Jessica Reel thriller finds them in Colorado, mixing it up with cultists and neo-Nazis, and they search for Blue Man, who has gone missing. 1/13
  8. **Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes (Neil Gaman). The first Sandman volume. A little too weird for my taste, but certainly great art. 1/16
  9. ***The Cleaner (Brett Battles). The first in this series. Takes place in the US, Vietnam, and Berlin. Kind of interesting, but didn’t interest me enough to read the rest of the series. 1/19
  10. ****Hallowed Ground (James MacPherson). A superb, short history of the battle of Gettysburg. Tells it like taking a tour of the current battlefield, with lots of interesting anecdotes. Loved it. 1/19
  11. ***Winter Kill (Bill Brooks). The second (or maybe 3rd) John Henry Cole book. A western in which Cole and a couple others go after an old flame, who is being tracked by assassins. 1/21
  12. ***Fire and Fury (Michael Wolff, 2017). A controversial book about the Trump administration. Pretty good. 1/26
  13. ***Dawn of the Hunter (Blake Banner). The first Omega series book. Former SAS commando Lacklan Walker goes looking for his ex and gets drawn into a big international conspiracy. Pretty good. 2/2
  14. ****Sniper’s Honor (Stephen Hunter). The latest Bob Lee Swagger novel takes him to Russia to learn what happened to a top-notch Russian woman sniper. Alternates between the present and World War II. Fascinating. 2/7
  15. ***Double Edged Blade (Blake Banner). The 2nd Omega book finds Lacklan following Marni to Tucson, where he becomes involved in a drugs and human trafficking operation. The Omega plot advances a little bit. 2/9
  16. **The Storm (Blake Banner). The 3rd Omega book finds Lacklan heading to New Orleans to find Marni, but gets sidetracked in Baton Rouge helping a former SAS comrade who is accused of murder. The whole book follows that plot, and ignores the Omega conspiracy. I didn’t even care how it turned out–just raced through the ending pages. 2/14
  17. ****Blood on Snow (Jo Nesbo, 2015). A stand-alone, non-Harry-Hole book. This one follows a mob killer with a good heart, sort of. He’s supposed to kill his boss’s wife, but doesn’t follow through. Plenty of violence. 2/19
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