Books I Read in 2010

Here are the books I read in 2010. I rated them with 1-5 stars. The book must be truly phenomenal to get 5 stars. I read more books than normal in 2010 because I had three different surgeries. Lots of recovery time equals lots of reading time.

  1. *Self’s Deception (Bernhard Schlink)
  2. ***The Return of the Dancing Master (Henning Mankell)
  3. *Tokyo Year Zero (David Peace). A strange mystery set in Tokyo just after World War 2 ended, and the Americans are occupying the country. I didn’t like it.
  4. *****Pop. 1280 (Jim Thompson). A devious, psychotic–yet likable–sheriff narrates this story, as he goes about dispatching people who oppose him in ways major and minor. An amazing book.
  5. *The Transgressors (Jim Thompson)
  6. ****Dark of the Moon (John Sandford). The first Virgil Flowers book. A new protagonist from Sandford.
  7. ***Heat Lightning (John Sandford). The second Virgil Flowers book.
  8. ***Broken Prey (John Sandford).
  9. ***Phantom Prey (John Sandford)
  10. ***Mind’s Eye (Hakan Nesser)
  11. ***The Return (Hakan Nesser)
  12. ****North of Montana (April Smith)
  13. ****Judas Horse (April Smith)
  14. ***Moment of Truth in Iraq (Michael Yon)
  15. ***The Bottom Billion (Paul Collier)
  16. ***Fiasco (Thomas Ricks)
  17. ***Tears in the Darkness (Michael Norman)
  18. ***Helmet for My Pillow (Robert Leckie)
  19. ***The War Within (Robert Woodward)
  20. ****Joker One (Donovan Campbell)
  21. ****The Pyramid (Henning Mankell)
  22. ***Lost Echoes (Joe Lansdale)
  23. ****Sunset and Sawdust (Joe Lansdale)
  24. ****Stranger in Paradise (Robert Parker)
  25. ***The Shadow Walker (Michael Walters)
  26. *Seeking Whom He May Devour (Fred Vargas)
  27. *Tropical Freeze (James W. Hall)
  28. ***Eight Lives Down (Chris Hunter)
  29. ****The Girl Who Played with Fire (Stieg Larsson)
  30. *****The Galton Case (Ross MacDonald)
  31. ***Black Money (Ross MacDonald)
  32. ***Dirt (Stuart Woods)
  33. ****Chasing Darkness (Robert Crais)
  34. ***New York Dead (Stuart Woods)
  35. ***Dead in the Water (Stuart Woods)
  36. ***Swimming to Catalina (Stuart Woods)
  37. ***Shella (Andrew Vachss)
  38. ***The Getaway Man (Andrew Vachss)
  39. ***Hard Candy (Andrew Vachss)
  40. ****Rough Weather (Robert Parker)

  1. ***Persuader (Lee Child)
  2. **The Wounded and the Slain (David Goodis)
  3. **Fade to Blonde (Max Phillips)
  4. ***The Long Walk (Slavomir Rawicz)
  5. *****The Winter of Frankie Machine (Don Winslow)
  6. *Run for Your Life (James Patterson)
  7. ****Brimstone (Robert Parker)
  8. *****The Long Goodbye (Raymond Chandler)
  9. ****Flood (Andrew Vachss)
  10. ***The Lake of Darkness (Ruth Rendell)
  11. ****Strega (Andrew Vachss)
  12. ****Blue Belle (Andrew Vachss)
  13. ***Blossom (Andrew Vachss)
  14. ***Dead Street (Mickey Spillane)
  15. ****Where Men Win Glory (Jon Krakauer)
  16. ****Generation Kill (Evan Wright)
  17. ***The Grifters (Jim Thompson)
  18. **Passport to Peril (Robert Parker)
  19. *****The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)
  20. ****Payback (Richard Stark)
  21. ****War (Sebastian Junger)
  22. *The Strain (Guillermo Del Toro/Chuck Hogan)
  23. **The Cutie (Donald Westlake)
  24. ***Worst Fears Realized (Stuart Woods)
  25. ***LA Dead (Stuart Woods)
  26. ***Dexter by Design (Jeff Lindsey)
  27. ***The Enemy (Lee Child)
  28. ****The Bricklayer (Noah Boyd)
  29. *Cross Country (James Patterson)
  30. ***Sacrifice (Andrew Vachss)
  31. ***Down in the Zero (Andrew Vachss)
  32. ****Safehouse (Andrew Vachss)
  33. ***The Dawn Patrol (Don Winslow)
  34. **Cirque de Freak (Darren Shan)
  35. **Eighth Grade Bites (Heather Brewer)
  36. **13 Bullets (David Wellington)
  37. ***The Two Bear Mambo (Joe Lansdale)
  38. **Playback (Raymond Chandler)
  39. **The Moving Target (Ross MacDonald)
  40. ***The Fabulous Clipjoint (Frederic Brown)
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