Favorite Christian Books

Of the many religious books I’ve read over the years, these ones stand out.

  • Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller). Reshaped a lot of my religious thinking.
  • Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster). Wow, deep stuff.
  • Mere Christianity (CS Lewis). Of course I liked it.
  • The Pursuit of Holiness (Jerry Bridges). Simple and direct. For serious Christians.
  • Decision-Making and the Will of God (Garry Friesen). Hugely influential on my life. Hugely.
  • Peculiar Treasures (Frederick Buechner). Delightful snippets about Bible characters.
  • The Singer (Calvin Miller). A masterpiece of allegory.
  • A Severe Mercy (Sheldon Van Auken). An amazing story of fireproofing marriage and finding Christ.
  • A Tale of Three Kings (Gene Edwards). Lyrical story of Saul, David, and Solomon.
  • Wonder O the Wind (Philip Keller). Keller’s autobiography.
  • What do You Say to a Hungry World? (Stanley Mooneyham). Opened my eyes to the world of hunger and poverty.
  • The Practice of the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence).
  • The Irresistible Revolution (Shane Claiborne). He shatters my Western-based religious paradigms. This book really affected me.
  • Jesus is Better than You Think (Jonathan Merritt). Merritt, a talented writer and deep thinker, tackles a variety of subjects and provides fresh insights.
  • Out of the Saltshaker¬†(Rebecca Manley Pippert). Good stuff about personal evangelism.
  • Your Work Matters to God (Doug Sherman and William Hendricks). Made me view work, and the role of laypersons, differently.
  • Exit Interviews (William Hendricks). The stories of people who left the church, but not necessarily Christianity. Very thought-provoking.
  • Where is God When it Hurts? (Philip Yancey). Finding God when things are going badly.
  • Yes (Ann Kiemel). Her early books really spoke to me.
  • Well-Intentioned Dragons (Marshall Shelley). About the troublesome laypersons who infest most churches.

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