Books: Powder Burn, The Underground Man

undergroundman.jpgpowderburn.jpgFinished two books from the Vintage Black Lizard imprint last  week.

  • Powder Burn, by Carl Hiaasen and Bill Montalbano, was a fun read. It revolves around Chris Meadows, an architect who, in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets drawn into the drug wars. I enjoyed it. These authors wrote three books for the Black Lizard imprint. This one was published in 1981.
  • The Underground Man, a 1981 Ross MacDonald mystery, seemed to drag. There were way too many characters and relationships to juggle. Any of them could have committed the murders. But I couldn’t keep track of them all. The last 50 pages, I just wanted to know who done it, put the book on the shelf, and start a new one.
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