Categorizing Attitudes Toward Christianity

Faith Today, a Canadian magazine, ran an article about the state of Christianity in Canada. It categorized people in an interesting way.

  • Engagers (23 percent): Have a positive view of Christianity and still regularly engage with a church.
  • Fence Sitters (36 percent): Have generally positive views of the faith, but they have made choices inconsistant with church teachings and therefore remain at a distance.
  • Wanderers (26 percent): May think the church has a positive role in society, but it’s not for them. They do not agree with the church’s views on moral and social issues.
  • Rejecters (15 percent): Although half say they were raised in the church, they now reject religion and identify as atheists.

The percentages apply only to Canada, which is more progressive and secular than America. I would guess we have more engagers, but I’m not sure which of the other categories would be smaller. The “Rejecters,” by all accounts, are rapidly increasing in number in the US.

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