Cherished Again Gig




Saturday night, the Anchor worship team played at Cherished Again, which is an interesting place. It’s a consignment used furniture store that, once a month, has an open mic night. They set up a really nice sound system in front of some mattresses, and people take their turns at the mic. The owners are Christians, and just about everything performed was Christian. 

Just four of us went–me, Joe (drums), and guitarists Tim and Terry. The others had played at Cherished Again several times, but this was my first chance to join them. I really enjoyed it.

Pam snapped some photos of the worship team, including one of me at the keyboard. I just took my 61-key Alesis keyboard. Didn’t want to haul around the big Roland.  Thanks to some of our fans from Anchor (in another of the photos above) who came to cheer us.

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