Chris Wallace with the Romneys

Chris Wallace (left) eating pancakes with the Romneys.

Chris Wallace did a good job interviewing the Romneys on Fox News Sunday on August 26. I liked the dynamics I saw between Mitt and Ann–she freely interrupting, not deferring to Mitt, good banter. Looked to me like a healthy marriage of equals.

I see the same with the Obamas. I didn’t with the McCains.

Wallace spent time with the Romneys at one of their homes. I think this one was in New Hampshire. Mitt and Ann made pancakes, and talked about their down-hominess. It was all very positive, and I came away liking them more.

Wallace did ask some pointed questions. It wasn’t “Meet the Press,” which Mitt Romney has refused to appear on. But first in an interview just with Mitt, and to a lesser extent in the interview with Mitt and Ann together, Wallace asked questions which went well beyond being mere softballs.

When a reporter asks a tough question of a Republican (like Katie Couric asking Sarah Palin what magazines she reads), the right-wing media tends to brand you a biased liberal. Chris better watch it.

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