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3 Comments to Feedburner

  1. Jeff Bleijerveld

    Thanks for adding feedburner. I love you website and the thoughtful stuff you draw to my attention.

  2. Bill Hendricks

    Steve. . .

    Quite by accident I stumbled across your website this week and was pleasantly surprised to find, not one, but TWO books that I have authored/coauthored featured on your all-time favorites list (Your Work Matters to God, and Exit Interviews)! That would be cool enough. But to be mentioned on the same list with Philip Yancey, C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, Gary Friesen, and the like. . .well, that’s pretty heady stuff, at least for me. I am humbled, but also grateful, that words I have written have resonated with someone (i.e. you) who obviously reads widely, thinks deeply, takes life seriously, and takes himself not overly seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better reader.

    I continue to write, and as I churn stuff out I would be glad to send some of it your way. In the meantime, you might be interested to look at a book I wrote about six or seven years ago entitled, The Light That Never Dies: A Story of Hope In the Shadows of Grief. I guess you could call it my attempt at a theodicy. But I do know there is very little written on the topic of grief that is particularly useful to those who grieve. So as one of those inhabitants in The House of Mourning, I thought others might like to hear the story of how God showed up for me and my family in our darkest hour.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    Bill Hendricks

  3. Pamela Beckford

    Hey Steve – I’ve added this to my feed on WordPress – is there a way to unsubscribe? Love reading your stuff, but I really don’t need to read it twice 🙂

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