Coulter, Malkin, Dobbs, and Conspiracy Fantasyland

Fox News darlings Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin insist that Obama planted the question about Henry Gates at last weeks’ news conference. Coulter even said on Fox, “I do have proof.” And Malkin says she “absolutely” believes it was planted.

Lynn Sweet, who asked the question, begs to differ in an article on Politics Daily. “If they had, my story would have been about their effort to plant a question,” says Sweet who, unlike Coulter and Malkin, is a real journalist with truth standards.

Sweet writes about how she came up with the question, and says Obama had no idea what she would ask. And why would they plant a question like that? It took them off-message (from healthcare), and caused Obama to speak stupidly. I saw the tail end of that press conference, and was astounded when Obama addressed it the way he did. Totally inappropriate.

Speaking of nutty conspiracies: Joe Klein weighs in about Lou Dobbs and the silly birth certificate controversy.

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