Dick Cheney, Grumblemaster

Dick Cheney, in full self-justification mode, is running around criticizing everything about the Obama administration. This is like Microsoft griping about bugs in another company’s software. Most of us wish Dick Cheney would just go away, because his legacy is not exactly shimmering.

  • We continue fighting two wars, with no end in sight.
  • The economy is in the worst shape since the 1930s.
  • We went from a surplus to our largest national debt ever (though that number will soon be shattered).
  • Our moral standing in the world, built over 230 years, is shredded.
  • We went soft on the Taliban so we could divert our resources and attention to Iraq. And now the Taliban threatens to take over the world’s 6th most populous country, along with their 100+ nuclear warheads.
  • Because the Bush administration (with Cheney’s insistence) refused to talk to North Korea and Iran, passing up opportunities early in the administration, one now has nuclear weapons and the other will soon have them. 
  • Eight years of campaign strategy based on dividing the electorate have left the country severely divided, and the idea of states seceding from the Union has even arisen. 
  • We went eight years with nothing done in the name of energy independence.
  • We went eight years with nothing done to fight climate change. 
  • A major American city, New Orleans, remains in tatters.
  • While the number of millionaires exploded, the middle class was pummeled. Remember that dream of settling into a comfortable retirement at age 65? Dream on.

Mr. Cheney, we don’t expect you to apologize. We just want you to go away. You had your chance to show how to do things. It’ll take us a long time to recover.

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