Disney, Pocahontas, and Genocide

Previously, I reviewed the book “Generation Kill,” about the Marine First Recon foray deep into Iraq during the initial invasion. Evan Wright recorded one interesting anecdote which I found most interesting.

A soldier named Espera, who is an American Indian, mentions watching the animated movie “Pocahontas” with his eight-year-old daughter. He tells the other soldiers:

“What’s the true story of Pocahontas? White boys come to the new land, deceive a corrupt Indian chief, kill ninety percent of the men and rape all the women. What does Disney do? They make this tragedy, the genocide of my people, into a love story with a singing raccoon. I ask you, would the white man make a love story about Auschwitz where a skinny inmate falls in love with a guard, with a singing raccoon and dancing swastikas? Dog, I was ashamed for my daughter to see this.”

He’s got a point, doesn’t he?

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1 Comment to "Disney, Pocahontas, and Genocide"

  1. Ouch! It is very difficult when truth (which, by the way, Jesus said would set us free), bumps headlong into various social and/or national myths. As an ex-pat Yank now living in and a citizen of Australia (as well as the USA), I see the same thing on both sides of the Pacific. Americans, including Christian Americans, are very good of taking an ennobling view of their/my (first) country, but Australians are not far behind. I’m sure it is a matter of identity, but we seem driven to make ourselves into heroes when perhaps the truth is not quite so sanguine (although often sanguinary).

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