Erin Andrews and Fox & Friends Hypocrisy

I was amazed at the way Fox & Friends repeatedly showed still photos from the Erin Andrews peephole video. While expressing their shock and outrage that anyone would secretly film Andrews in that way, the F&F anchors–whom I refer to as Gomer, Legs, and Squirrelly–kept showing a number of photos with lacy ribbon barely covering strategic parts of her body, leaving little to the imagination. I can’t imagine Ms. Andrews was happy about being exploited in this additional way.

This self-righteous indignation was incredibly hypocritical of those Fox & Friends lightweights, whose main schtick is to repeat the talking points which come down from Fox Central Command. It must have especially been a stretch for Legs, who sits right there in the middle, camera pulled back for a full view, legs crossed, wearing an extremely short skirt which I can’t imagine she chose. The same attire is worn by every blonde who fills the Legs spot, whether it’s the weekday or weekend edition. Can their motives be any more obvious? While expressing outrage at the objectification of Erin Andrews, they objectify their female anchor for several hours every morning.

You have to remember where Fox News comes from: Rupert Murdoch, who grew his fortune through tabloid sensationalism. Fox just specializes in a different kind of sensationalism.

CBS also ran those photos. Other networks didn’t. Good for them. They have some standards.

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