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Facebook allows you to state your “Religious Views” and your “Political Views.” One of my Facebook friends had this:

Political Views: Yes, I have them.
Religious Views: I have those, too.

That, of course, is not in the spirit of Facebook, where you’re expected to tell the world absolutely everything about yourself. No being cryptic.

My own Facebook “Political Views” says, “Moderate, but you might think me liberal.” As I’m sure many of you do think of me. I decided to look up the political views of my Facebook friends, and I found a fascinating assortment. Some just said “Republican” or “Conservative,” but others waxed far more interesting. Many would describe me, including the simple “Unclassifiable.”


  • I’m a rebel against the new establishment.
  • Caught in the middle
  • Pondering
  • Whomever – but I’m always right! 🙂
  • Incorrect
  • Depends on the Issue.
  • Too complicated for sound bytes
  • Right Wing Republican Wacko [the same person who had “Right Wing Evangelical Republican Wacko” as his religious view]
  • Other
  • You don’t know, and I won’t tell. I like it that way.
  • Tired of crooks
  • Thoughtful
  • Responsible
  • I hate politics, but I suppose they’re necessary…
  • Lots of ’em
  • Go very for left and when you think you cant go any further take two more steps to the left.
  • I don’t want to play anymore
  • Optimistic
  • Right vs. wrong not right vs. left
  • Opinionated
  • Does It Really Matter?
  • Tend to be middle of the road
  • Constitution Party, but a monarchist at heart
  • Definitely left of center
  • God, soldiers, family
  • Medium Rare
  • Conservative most of the time.
  • You say “liberal”, I say “biblical”
  • Reformed Biblical Reconstructionist
  • Conservative Hippie
  • Disappointed
  • Looking for a nice conversation over lunch about how Jesus wants the world to spin
  • I want to actually help the poor, not just talk about it
  • Don’t give a sh*t!!!
  • I don’t love politics–or political TV. I vote based on convictions and who might be at least a little bit honest.
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