Favorite Music Albums

My very first album was “Close to You,” by the Carpenters. Bought it back in high school, and listened to it over and over. Since then, my tastes have gotten a little more adventurous.


  • Cross Road (Bon Jovi).
  • The Rising (Bruce Springsteen).
  • Honkin’ on Bobo (Aerosmith).
  • Cracked Rear View (Hootie and the Blowfish).
  • Desperado (Eagles).
  • Joshua Tree (U2).
  • Bat Out of Hell (Meat Loaf).
  • Scottish Tranquility (Phil Coulter).
  • American Tranquility (Phil Coulter).
  • Three Dog Night’s Greatest Hits.
  • Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen).
  • Boston (Boston).
  • Revival (Petra).
  • MTV Unplugged (Nirvana).
  • Welcome Back (Love Song).
  • Cocky (Kid Rock).
  • Defying Gravity (John Elefante).
  • Blessed (Hillsongs Australia).

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