Five Mentalities Christian Leaders Should Avoid

Ed Stetzer, a Southern Baptist, wrote on about five mentalities pastors should avoid. I found them worth passing along.

1. Elitist Mentality: Your church is the only one you know doing things the right way.

I’ve seen this plenty. I find it very annoying.

2. Theologically Superior: You won’t read authors from outside of your own theological stream.

United Brethren, as a breath of fresh air in the religious spectrum, don’t insist that only we have everything figured out.

3. Exclusionary Attitude: You refuse to partner with other local churches on community initiatives.

My local church does a great job here.

4. Narcissistic: You are more worried about what people think of your church than what they think of your family.

A couple examples come to mind–big name ministers (uh, Oral Roberts?) and more common fare. Not true of my own pastor, thankfully, who strikes me as a really good dad. And it certainly wasn’t true of my dad.

5. Overly Competitive: You consider the church down the street your competition.

This one is widespread–too close to human nature, I guess. When a nearby church is going great, and you’re struggling, it’s natural to feel a sense of competition.

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