From Walk-a-Thon to Run-a-Thon

The last time I ran a long distance was during the 1976 Huntington College Walk-a-thon. I was on the planning committee, and was up around 4 a.m. driving along the route (which started in Fort Wayne) putting in signs. We returned to Huntington in time to board the bus with other students for Lindenwood Park in Fort Wayne, the starting point. I probably slept most of the way.

As we exited the bus, a couple friends told me they were going to run for a while. Did I want to join them? It was a totally spur-of-the-moment thing. In fact, they were already taking off. Sure, I’d run with them. 

We didn’t stop running until we reached Roanoke. That was 14 miles later. Most of that time, I was running with Sam Ristow. I think Ray Faber was in that group. Don’t remember the others. Sam and I stopped running in Roanoke, and walked the remaining 10 miles or so to Huntington. 

The next day, I could hardly move.

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