Go Ahead and Talk about Medicare. I’m not Listening.

This may seem intellectually lame, but I’ve decided to pretty much ignore everything being said about Medicare. Both sides are demagoguing the issue, and lying about it, and the fixes both sides propose don’t happen until far down the road. I’ve decided it’s impossible for an ordinary person, like me, to understand what’s really happening–and that what actually happens probably won’t resemble what the candidates propose.

So I’m just gonna ignore it all. When I reach Medicare age (which isn’t all that far away), my attitude is: whatever it is, it is. Both parties will probably use “Mediscare” tactics for the rest of my life. So, Mitt and Barack, talk about Medicare all you want. But I’m tuning you out.

Politifact has covered statements about Medicare rather extensively. Here’s a collection of statements made by both sides, and Politifact’s determination of their truthfulness (or lack thereof).

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3 Comments to Go Ahead and Talk about Medicare. I’m not Listening.

  1. Mark G. Welker

    Don’t listen if you wish.

    However, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear”. You may find out that one side intends to do something while the other side is on a path to do nothing and allow Medicare to die under its own weight.

  2. Steve

    “Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies.”–2 Tim. 2:23

    I’m listening on lots of issues. But on this one, I just don’t trust either side. And whatever happens will need to be a compromise of some kind, anyway, so it won’t look like whatever the sides are currently proposing. I’ve decided not to waste my time trying to keep up on this highly complex issue.

    • Mark G. Welker

      I would not say addressing entitlements contributing to a national debt approaching sixteen trillion dollars is foolish. And in particular, I would not classify Ryan as being ignorant on the topic.

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