How to Make Sacred Anointing Oil

I don’t know how many recipes the Bible contains, but Exodus 30 gives one for sacred anointing oil.

  • 500 shekels of liquid myrrh (that’s about 12 pounds)
  • 250 shekels of fragrant cane (6 pounds)
  • 500 shekels of cassia (12 pounds). Cassia is akin to cinnamon.
  • 1 hin of olive oil (a hin is about a gallon)

This was to be specially made by a perfumer, and then used to anoint most everything in the temple, including the priests themselves.

Here’s the rub: it couldn’t be used for anything else. If you made a concoction like this, or put it on anyone except a priest, you would be “cut off from the people,” which I assume means you would be exiled.

So I’m wondering: does this still apply? Has anyone tried making this formula? Is it good for anything except anointing sacred objects? Might it actually turn out to be a bestseller at Macy’s, if they bothered mixing it up?

I’m just wondering. This recipe came straight from God, so it must be good. I’m pretty sure that if I mixed up a batch, my church wouldn’t excommunicate me.

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7 Comments to How to Make Sacred Anointing Oil

  1. More of a problem, Steve, might be in obtaining the ingredients. Probably better for Macy’s to use the recipe for burial annointing oil, like the stuff Mary used to annoint Jesus’ feet. That fragrance “filled the house.”

  2. Gary Brooks

    Hi, Steve:
    Our daughter, Annette, also did some research on anointing oil. Then she mixed a batch and gave a vial to all twenty three pastors of the mega church she and her family attend (The Crossing Church in Tampa.) The lead pastor, Greg Dumas, mentioned that oil during his message last Sunday (March 4). If you are interested you can follow the links at the church’s website:
    In Christ,

  3. TJ


    Sacred Anointing oil can be used today and it has been a huge answer to prayer for me.
    When I came to Christ, something very strange happened and I started being harassed by demons in my home. I would see them for about 3 seconds when I had just woken up on the odd occasion Standing by my bed looking at me etc, very horrible. That was when I realised that they are real, very much among our physical realm and that they can effect me and influence me. I read “He came to set the captives free” by Rebecca Brown and she spoke of commanding them to leave and then you anoint your home with the oil and your home is protected from them entering. This worked instantly for me and has literally saved my life as they were intimidating me so much and I was strangled by one, it was very scary for me.

    Her book explained how they effect us every day and can even make us physically sick. How unless we do certain things like repent and keep our eyes on the Lord, they will lawfully be able to influence us, anger, bad dreams giving us fear, depression etc. this is all very real for me now that my eyes have seen they are there. But Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we have protection in him. The anointing oil is one of our best weapons in spiritual warfare.

    Since becoming a Christian, I think the demons stepped it up to phase 2 of attack, no longer making me feel good in my sin, but now tried to intimidate me as I am no longer increasing their kingdom but working for the Lord. I had no idea I would be literally stepping into a war, but I am so glad to be on the winning team.

    God bless

  4. Randy Pratt

    Heres the truth. We are the Temple of G-d. And are all Royal Priests. In other words.
    We can anoint our bodys The Temple of G-d, with the Holy annointed oil. We are annointed
    by The Aannointed (Mishiach) Yeshua Massiah. Amen?

  5. Randy Pratt

    Since I have akso read mention of demons. Get a Shofar. And blow it at the 4 corners of your providence or indoors. It will chase them away pronto. They hate it. It is the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT.

  6. Elizabeth

    I am doing a dissertation one some oils and was wondering where you got your info about how many pounds equaled how many shekels? From what I can find, research makes it impossible to have an exact measurement of what a shekel represented because in biblical days there were many different forms of shekels just like there were many different cities of Antioch. Any thoughts or suggestions? Please feel free to email me.

  7. David

    To truly make this sacred anointing oil requires an ingredient left out by most. In the old testament it refers to an ingredient called kanneh bosm at the time, which translates into aromatic reed, in modern times we call this ingredient cannabis. There is a shocking amount of times it is referenced in both Christianity and Judaism.

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