Jon Stewart Devastates Fox News

I think this is the best piece Jon Stewart has ever done. He mostly brutalizes Fox News, then throws in jabs at MSNBC and the Obama Administration. Just delightful. (If you’re reading on Facebook, you’ll need to click on the “View Original Post” link to view the video, which is on my blog.)

Real journalists go after the story. What drives reporters is to break a story before anyone else. It’s their obsession. CBS, NBC, ABC, the NY Times, the Washington Post–they all want to break a story first. And they’ve all broken stories critical of Republican and Democrat administrations alike.

When did FoxNews break a story which was critical of the Bush Administration? Did they even investigate anything that might make Bush look bad?

If they are a professional news organization, they’ll go after Republicans and Democrats alike. I await the evidence.

Until then, I’ll pay attention to the news sources which investigate stories, and who let the chips fall wherever they fall.

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