Keith Olberman in a Minute

I am not a fan of partisan “news” shows. And I use “news” in a very loose way, because too much of what we see on the TV news channels is not journalism, but punditry. That seems to be the future of journalism, unfortunately, as print media subsides in popularity. 

Actually, there’s still a lot of good TV stuff in the general news realm. “60 Minutes” and “Dateline” and “Anderson Cooper 360” and most of the Sunday morning programs deal more in news and information than in punditry. But then there are shows like Keith Olberman, which are unabashedly partisan and, therefore, totally lacking in credibility with me. They will show only one side of things, and only what shines positively on their political end of the spectrum.

This Youtube video pretty much sums up Olberman. Now we need one for Sean Hannity.

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