Let the Crimeans Decide

I’m certainly no fan of Russia nor of Vlad the Beefcake Clown Putin. But as an American, part of a country which went to war over self-determination, I don’t see why we oppose the Crimeans choosing to leave the Ukraine and become part of Russia. If that’s what they want.

Why don’t we just say, “The people have spoken”? Do we require a war to make it official, because that’s the way we did it?

We tend to be highly selective with foreign policy issues of this nature. We applauded when all the Eastern block countries disconnected from the USSR. We support Taiwan. We were okay with dividing Yugoslavia into several countries. We supported all the countries of the British Empire becoming independent after World War 2. We supported East Germany merging into West Germany. We supported created two countries out of the Sudan. So, why not let Crimea decide their future?

On the other hand…we supported Texas when they didn’t want to be part of Mexico, but went to war to keep them from seceding from the USA. Like I said, we’re kinda selective.

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  1. Valery Popova

    “Vlad the Beefcake Clown Putin”? Putin acts in the interest of his own country and your president does the same thing, but at least we have a respect for your country and your president. It’s also very unprofessional from you not knowing all the facts from all sides make the unfair judgments about people.

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