Letter Jacket Glory Days


Me and Jenny Vergon with our high school letter jackets. Be true to your school!

This morning at Anchor, we had a schooldays theme. Pastor Tim recognized everyone who is attending school, and everyone who works in a school setting. The message was directed to the younger children, who then all received a pack of crayons. We’ve been collecting school supplies for kids for a while, in cooperation with Grace Presbyterian. Those supplies were given out at Grace this afternoon.

After Tim passed out the crayons, the worship team did the Beach Boys song, “Be True to Your School.” Two of us on the worship team remembered to bring our high school letter jackets–me, and Jenny Vergon. Jenny’s jacket still fit great, but mine was pretty tight. However, I squeezed it on.

I played two years of varsity tennis at Tulare Union High School in Tulare, Calif. We were co-champs of the East Yosemite League both years. We then won outright in a playoff both years, thereby earning the chance to compete in the San Joaquin Valley championship, where we ended up 3rd or 4th each year. Glory days. However, the patches on our jackets still said “co-champs.” I was captain my senior year, which gave me an additional star.

I always loved wearing that jacket. Even when I earned a college letter jacket after my freshman year, I preferred wearing my high school jacket with all the additional bling. Call me insecure. Yeah, I probably was. This made a skinny kid feel (if not look) like a real athlete.

Last summer, I threw out my college letter jacket after removing the big “H.” The cheap lining in the sleeves was disintegrating, leaving red specks everywhere. A hopeless cause. But my high school jacket was still tucked away in a storage bin, where Pam located it last night before church.

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3 Comments to Letter Jacket Glory Days

  1. Greg B

    As soon as I saw that photo of you in your old HS letterman’s jacket, I recognized that Redskin profile…that’s pretty cool

    Greg — Hanford HS Class of 1963

    • Steve

      That’s interesting, Greg. Are you still in California? Or did you move on? (I was class of ’75, Tulare Union). I’m in Indiana now.

      • Greg B

        Nope, still in the Golden State…Madera, to be exact. Will probably be moving to Washington (state of) in a couple of years.

        BTW, I figured that you didn’t live in central California any longer, since so many of your photos have SNOW in them!

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