Lindsay Lohan Vs. the Judge

lindsay-lohan-mugshot.jpgI’ve been amused by Lindsay Lohan’s recent antics, supposedly losing her passport and all. She’s obviously got a good lawyer who is scrambling to keep her out of jail.Her name is Shawn Chapman Holley.

But on the other side is Judge Marsha Revel, an unsympathetic cynic of all things Lindsay. Actually, I think she’s been giving in too much. But it’s been amusing reading some of the exchanges between the judge and the lawyer.

This week, Holley asked the judge to let Lohan forgo wearing an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet, because Lohan had to go to Texas to reshoot some scenes for an upcoming movie. So the judge checked with 20th Century Fox, the film studio. No reshoots were scheduled. The movie was well into post-production. Busted!

But this one really made me laugh.

Last week, Lohan missed a court-ordered alcohol counseling class. Holley said Lohan missed it because her uncle died.

“Did she go to the funeral?” Judge Revel asked.

“She did not,” Holley answered.

I love it.

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