Making Divorce Way too Easy

larry-king.jpgBelinda Luscome wrote this tremendous (and very funny) column in the May 3 edition of Time magazine, called “Should Larry King’s Marriage License be Revoked?

The occasion is the breakup of Larry King’s eight marriage; she calls him the “octospouse.” She refers to other serial spouses, like Liz Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Mickey Rooney. And then she wonders why we allow this.

“In no other area of life can grown people flame out so often and so badly and still get official permission to go ahead and do the same thing again. If your driving is hazardous to those around you, your license is suspended. Fail too many courses at college, and you’ll get kicked out. You can lose your medical or law license for a single infraction. …So why do people who are committed vows abusers keep getting handed marriage licenses at city hall? If batters and violent offenders get only three strikes, why should bad spouses get more?”

The article is quite funny, especially toward the end when she gives some great tongue-in-cheek solutions. But amidst the levity is a lot of truth.

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