Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, Second Chances

Michael Vick is back. Although I find his dog-fighting activities despicable, as a Christian I do believe in redemption and life-change. In this case, the redemption and life-change may be totally secular in nature, devoid of a religious component (though when he came out of prison is said a lot of Christian stuff). But regardless, I’m happy to see him thriving.

And you must admit: the guy is electric to watch. And he seems to be a much better quarterback than before.

Tiger Woods, on the other hand, is still trying to come back. He gave an extended interview on Mike&Mike this morning on ESPN radio, most of which I listened to while driving to work. He’s humble and forthright. I hope his lifestyle truly lives up to his words. And I hope, along with TV executives everywhere, that he rises once again to be the dominant force in gold that he was until a year ago.

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