Musings about the Angel of Death’s Criteria

Pastor Tim preached about Charlton Heston Moses and the Exodus today. As he talked about the final plague, the death of the firstborn sons, I began wondering:

How exactly did God define “firstborn son”? Was there an age cut-off?

There were plenty of fathers and grandfathers who were firstborn sons. Pharoah himself may  have been a firstborn son. Did the Angel of Death kill firstborn sons regardless of age, or did he concern himself only with dependent children?

What if a man had fooled around, and secretly had a son by another woman before having a son by his wife. Would that other boy have died, while the boy he was raising was spared (since he was not truly his firstborn son)? And did that make his wife suspicious?

Was it only a man’s firstborn son that died, or the woman’s firstborn son? In the latter case, one man could have lost multiple sons.

What did the Angel do when he came across a home with a hermaphrodite
child? Such children, bearing both male and female sexual
characteristics, occur 1-3 out of every 100,000 people, so there would
have been some such Egyptian children. I’m just wondering.

These are the questions which keep me awake at night.

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