My Disgusting Crush on the Yankees

I am, I admit, rooting for the Yankees.

I don’t watch baseball until October. It just doesn’t interest me. The game moves too slowly. But I watched the league champ games with great interest, and am now captivated by the World Series. After the Series ends, my interest ends, and it’s back to the NFL, my true love.

The Yankees represent much of what I hate. They are arrogant and wealthy. I hate the way they buy every good player they can get. They don’t build players. They buy players. And they spend obscene amounts to buy them.

And yet, the Yankees are so, uh, AMERICAN. Something deep in me insists they have a divine entitlement to win the World Series. If they’re in it, they should win. I disgust myself for feeling that way, but I do.

There may be another reason I favor the Yankees. When I played little league, we had four teams which played among themselves–the Dodgers, Phillies, Tigers, and Yankees. Guess which team I played for?

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