NRA: The Crazies in Charge


Getting better. At 100 yards, put 30 of 30 in a six-inch circle, with my .223. Now, if I can just squeeze everything within the 4-inch circle.

Very frequently when I go to a gun range, I meet people my age who, like me, are new to shooting within the last few years. Maybe (like me) they shot guns when they were younger, but got away from it. Maybe (like me) they finally have the discretionary income to pursue this hobby.

Anyway, I enjoy getting acquainted. A lot of good people. A few worrisome types now and then, but not the rule.

I would love to see a national gun organization that focuses on gun training, safety, shooting, and general responsibility. The NRA does some good things, but I refuse to join as long as Wayne LaPierre and other extremists are in charge. Their agenda isn’t gun responsibility, but gun proliferation. They oppose every common sense idea regarding gun safety, they sow paranoia and fear, and they scare people about the government swooping in to take away their guns, even as gun laws are increasingly relaxed in state after state. And they use dues to buy off scores of Congressmen. I simply won’t support that.

I’ve taken excellent gun safety classes from NRA instructors. But I won’t join. Not with the crazies in charge.

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