Obama and the Seussquester

seussquesterThe article “Obama and the Seussquester,” tells the story of the sequester in the language of Dr. Seuss. It comes from the Heritage Foundation, which is now headed by Tea Party favorite Jim DeMint, so you know it’s going to blame Obama for everything. Which it pretty much does. But hey–it’s FUN TO READ.

The Democrats, for their part, spin everything against Republicans. Both sides wander into alternate realities as they cast blame. But with this cute article by Amy Payne, Republicans totally destroy Democrats in the Spin Game. This is spin that, albeit not exactly intellectually honest, is nevertheless fun and creative. And, I should add, mostly dead-on accurate.

My only read gripe is that it’s written in prose, rather than in verse format. But enough with quibbles and nits.

So it is out of respect for Amy Payne’s creativity that I provide this link. And I expect my many conservative Facebook friends to gleefully share it with reckless abandon.

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