Obama Speaking About His Faith

I get weary of people insisting that President Obama is a Muslim, or of pointing to some public policy stand as proof that he can’t possibly be a Christian. Obama has expressed his Christian faith openly, and perhaps never as clearly as he did in 2008 during the interview with Rick Warren.

Both Obama and McCain were asked the same question–what it meant to them, on a daily basis, to be a Christian. Obama spoke at some length, using biblical concepts and quoting Scripture. McCain simply used some catchwords in saying, “It means I’m saved and forgiven,” and then he told a minimally relevent story from his POW days.

I was impressed with Obama’s response. I realize you can fake this stuff. But I sensed that Obama had a clear understanding of what the Christian faith was about, and expressed it in much the same words that I would use.

Yes, Obama supports pro-choice and gay marriage policies which I don’t consider consistent with my faith (though in the context of public policy in a pluralistic nation, I’m much more lenient). At the same time, there are many Republican stands which I consider inconsistent with my faith–attitudes toward the poor, coddling of the rich, support for torture, anti-environmental stands, and others. Neither party has a monopoly on being biblical.

Anyway, I tracked down a Youtube video of the Warren interview. That’s it above.

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3 Comments to Obama Speaking About His Faith

  1. Mark G. Welker

    Steve, you said about how Obama expressed his Christian faith openly:
    “I realize you can fake this stuff.”

    I assume you have now read at least the reports on David Maraniss’s biography of Obama.

    That book reveals that Obama will tell people (or himself) anything to get the result he wants. Therefore, I don’t know who (or what) Obama is and I can never trust what he says.

    Having been raised to tell the truth, this is very disturbing to me.

  2. Steve

    Uncle Mark–

    I’m not familiar with Maraniss’s writing and the context of those particular remarks. I do see Obama trying to govern in a way very consistent with what he talked about in “The Audacity of Hope.” He has been thwarted from carrying out certain things (as are all presidents), and there are various ways I’ve been disappointed with him (which I’ve written about). But in general, he has remained consistent with the well-thought-out views he expressed in that book.

    Romney, on the other hand, is truly a person who will tell people anything to get the result he wants. The public record is absolutely filled to the brim with statements on which he has changed his position purely out of political expediency. As you feel you can’t trust Obama, I feel I can’t trust Romney.

    When it comes right down to it, I don’t trust either one. I’ve been burned too many times by politicians. You just have to go with your gut sometimes, and hold your nose.

  3. Mark G. Welker

    You really need to read Maraniss’s writing, Barack Obama: The Story, a biography of Barack Obama (released June 19, 2012). Reviews of that book indicate that known facts revealed in that book are in direct conflict with numerous (about three dozen) things implied as fact by Obama in his book, Dreams from My Father.

    This only proves that Obama will tell people (or himself) anything to reach the conclusion he wants.

    Yes, some of us knew what Obama wanted to do to our country. However, had the country as a whole known the true nature of Obama, he would have never been elected. That is not the direction most of our citizens want to go.

    By the way, Maranis is a left of center person. He did not intend to give Obama problems by revealing discrepancies between his “story of his life” and the facts which exist. Maranis apologizes for Obama’s statements about his life by saying they helped him get inside his head and understand what he was thinking.

    However, lack of truth is always a problem for me.

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