Okay, I was Definitely Wrong About That One

My life verse should be Proverbs 10:19, “When words are many, sin is not absent….” I write a lot of stuff for people to chew up in the marketplace of ideas. When you write or speak a lot, you’re inevitably gonna say some things that are just wrong. As Proverbs 10:19 points out. I apologize in advance for all of my future stupid statements.

Recently I made this comment on Facebook: “I voted for GW Bush (twice), who created most of the current debt. I voted for Obama, who added significantly to it.”

Both Tom Datema and Paul Michelson pointed out that that was inaccurate. Both presidents increased the debt significantly, but Bush didn’t create “most” of it. Obama is on track to break all previous records.

Paul Michelson directed me to the site TheNationalDebtCrisis.com, which explains various aspects in a well-reasoned, calm tone. That kind of tone doesn’t necessarily make it accurate, just more palatable, like an English accent.

However, I did find the site very helpful. The author is never identified, which is troubling to me. Nevertheless, I commend the site for what appears to be a nonpartisan approach.

One page shows “The National Debt by President,” listing the amount each President increased the debt, going back to Reagan. The writer says, “It is clear that the National Debt has been growing uncontrollably in recent years, regardless of which political party has been in power.”

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