On the Phone with Anthem

Anthem Insurance sent me a letter authorizing my MRI. It said that if the date of the MRI changed, I needed to call them. They gave a number to call.

So I did. I listened to the phone options, and took a wild guess about which one applied to me. A Real Person soon came on the line, and I explained my situation.

“I’ll need to transfer you to the department that deals with that,” Real Person said.

A second later, a phone rang, and a woman said in a tentative voice, “Hello?” As if she’d looked at the caller ID and didn’t recognize the number.

I began explaining my situation. “I had an MRI scheduled last Friday, but it had to be rescheduled, so I’m calling….”

She cut me off. “I’m sorry, but you have the wrong number.”

Anthem had transferred me totally out of their system to a private citizen.

So I tried calling the number on my card. After several transfers, each preceded with me explaining why I was calling, I finally reached someone who told me this:

“There was no need for you to call.”

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