Peggy Noonan on the SOTU

Peggy Noonan critiqued the State of the Union Address in her Wall Street Journal column. Of Obama’s words regarding healthcare, she concluded:

The battle over the president’s health-care plan is over, and the plan
will not be imposed on the country. Waxing boring on the virtues of the
bill was a rhetorical way to obscure the fact that it is dead….The bill will
now get lost in the mists and disappear. It is a collapsed soufflé in
an unused kitchen in the back of an empty house. Now and then the
president will speak of it to rouse his base and remind them of his

She ended with some quotes from a man whom she describes as “a friendly acquaintance of the president, a Republican who bears him no animus.” Here’s the final paragraph.

“I hope we have big changes in 2010,” the friend said. Only significant
loss will force the president to focus on spending. “To heal our
country we need to get the arrogance out of the White House and the
elitists out of the Congress. We need tough love. We need a real adult
in the White House because we don’t have adults in the Congress.”

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