Praise for the Pancreatitis Diet

Amidst all the diet crazes out there–Atkins, South Beach, Dr. Poon, ad nauseum–I would like to add one more: the Pancreatitis Diet.

In four weeks of walking and biking, plus moderation in eating, I lost 6 pounds. Not bad. Commendable, in fact. But in just 9 days on the Pancreatitis Diet, I’ve lost 11 pounds.

The first four days are the hardest–no eating or drinking whatsoever, culminating in the removal of your gall bladder. But the first week of anything is usually the hardest. After you get over that hump, it’s smooth sailing. Well, pretty much.

I have not had to eat from a strict list filled with foods I don’t like, such as broccoli and cauliflower, and according to a strict schedule. No cutting out of a food group, because it’s off-limits on Tuesdays. No embarrassingly peeling off the bun from a hamburger at McDonald’s or scraping off the pizza toppings at Pizza Hut.

In fact, I’ve been able to eat anything I want. The catch is that I’ve really not wanted to eat. I’ve mainly wanted to sit on the couch and marinate in my sweat. But hey, I’m losing weight.

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3 Comments to Praise for the Pancreatitis Diet

  1. Jill

    Unfortunately, I also have hypoglycemia, so eating nothing is not an option. I have only had a few peanut butter sandwiches in the past couple of days and so far, no attacks… hopefully all holds out until they can test to ensure it is the gall bladder and then remove it…

  2. Jill

    Me too… The VA use to be really good about things like this… I think that the state of the economy is changing a lot of things with VA Care. More Vets are going there than before, so they have started pinching pennies.

  3. Jill

    Test today showed gall stones, so one more test to do, then surgery… Not that anyone ever wants surgery, but Thank God for gall stones… I did not want to have to deal with Pancreatitis…

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