Problems Left Behind in the 1990s

Pulp-Fiction-MiaInteresting list of “Problems you haven’t had since the 1990s.” Here are a few of them.

  • Someone’s on the phone. I can’t use the internet.
  • I bought the CD because I liked the single. The rest of the album is crap.
  • Blockbuster already rented their copy of Groundhog Day and there’s no other way to see it.
  • I dropped my cellphone. Now I have to buy a new floor.
  • I want to listen to music while running, but my Discman keeps skipping.
  • I want some privacy, but the phone cord doesn’t stretch far enough.
  • I have to do a school report, but I hate going to the library.
  • With so many job opportunities, I can’t decide which job to take after college.
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