Nothing specific today.

  • The Red Sox actually won. I saw every one of their games, starting from when they were down 3 games to the Yankees. In other words, I didn’t see them lose once in the playoffs. So when I started watching, they started winning. And I, for the most part, couldn’t care less about baseball.
  • If Yasser Arafat on his deathbed? How, exactly, will the world mourn?
  • Pam and I love the TV show “Lost.” We’re captivated by it. We had to tape last night’s episode. I wonder what happened?
  • I’m addicted to The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart. He tends to skewer both Republicans and Democrats with some degree of balance. But all this week, he’s had on Democrats–Bob Kerrey and Jesse Jackson the last two nights, for instance. Come on, Jon!
  • Meanwhile, FoxNews has become so unabashedly partisan that I can hardly stand to watch it anymore. More and more, I’m watching MSNBC, which is something I thought I’d never do. I like Brokaw, too. CBS is now, officially, a joke.
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